The Final Stretch

24 Jul

Saying I’m a lucky girl would be an understatement.

I’d dreamed of NYC my whole life, and now my eight weeks of idealism is coming to an end.

Now, it’s back to Austin, back to the boyfriend, back to UT…back to Texas’ heat and writing papers and babysitting and the chill college life.

No complaints here, for sure; it’s just a little bit exciting to think that after I graduate in three semesters, if I can get a job up here, I can come back. Because I want to. Because I’ve seen that I’d love it. And this knowledge is more valuable to me than anything right now!


I’d say I’ve had a knowledge-filled life; I definitely received nice one-on-one attention at Woodson, my parents showed my brother and I around the country each summer, and I now get to be educated with fellow Longhorns. It wasn’t until recently, though, like, in the last year and a half, that something inside of me clicked on what knowledge is all about.

I was always familiar with typing up notes on subjects, memorizing facts for tests, thinking that cramming “important” info into my head was how I was going to learn. This method got me through 14 years of schooling, but it’s sad that the following hadn’t occurred to me until recently: the insane amount of love put into a hug from your grandma, the sleepless nights your dad puts in at work, the conversation you and your boss have about facebook networking, the moments you actually stop and think about how much your brain is doing right this second, watching your best friend get through airport security for the first time by herself…all of this is education.

Anytime we learn, appreciate, love, grow, we are truly learning and living. Experience and opportunities – no matter how mundane or routine or simple – are part of this amazing and beautiful web that makes us up.

I could’ve spent my summer lounging around my parents’ pool or taking Spanish II at ACC. Yes, I am BEYOND glad that I was here instead, but here’s the neat thing, the point of my rambling, the tiny little speck of awesomeness I hope you get from this: Wherever I was and whatever I was doing, I would have been blown away, due to the opening of my eyes that has caused me to find inspiration in so much.


Until my days of true adulthood and even until my days back in weird ol’ ATX, I’m going to soak up this week like crazy.

-got to see the Harry Potter cast at the red carpet premiere event last week

-got to celebrate my bro’s 18th in dc with my fam this weekend

-met, alice in wonderland statue, dreamer showcase, and hanging with woodson’s own ashleigh stevens tomorrow

-moma on tuesday

-meeting the editor of allue and closing ceremonies on wednesday

-last work day, where we’ll send the august issue to the printer, on friday

-fly into dallas on saturday

Thank you, lovely people, for your thoughts and cards and reading and care and support.

Thank you, family, in so many ways, for allowing this.

Thank you, Dream Careers, for creating a program that changes lives.

Thank you, NYC, for being so dang kewl.




weep for yourself, my man.

14 Jul

“i don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that.that you wanted to sleep or not exist or something like that.i think that’s morbid so im trying not to think.i want it all to stop’s getting that bad again.”-the perks of being a wallflower

The office is so quiet today. All the big dogs are out. Sad, like, Green Day music is playing. No one is talking. You’d think it was raining out.

“I am a hostage to my own humanity”-Be My Escape, Reliant K

It goes along perfectly with life, as it’s been a rough few days. I’m not complaining, though, because have I mentioned that I love the city and these people? I do.

“walk along to another a little another way”-World at Large, Modest Mouse ‎

I’m going to Austin this weekend. I can’t believe it’s finally here. I’ll get to see friends and finally attend the big Huber wedding. It’s crazy.

“It’s gonna be free.It’s gonna be real.It’s gonna change everything I feel.It’s gonna be sad.It’s gonna be true.”-It’s Gonna Be, Mandy Moore

After I return, there will only be two weeks left in the program. I was happily counting days down, but now, I am just tired of crying. Sure, ‘normal’ life will be great, but…these people…this place…

“when i see that train a-coming, i hang my head and cry”-Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash

here be some stuff.

5 Jul

four-day weekend was nice.

four-day work week will be, too.

seeing my fam was great.

the fact that i’ll be in austin in nine days is as well.


already way ahead on writing for the august and september issues of resident.

still busy being adventurous with lyndsey.

am definitely enjoying home-cooked meals by my dorm’s visitor, tia’s boyfriend.

carlos’ bakery, real nj housewife book-signing, yanks game, and broadway are on this week’s agenda.

oh, and i need to lose 20 pounds in 10 days…ha.

i’m not as sure if i can see myself living here anymore.

gaw, can’t believe i even admitted that.

i still love it, greatly, but when i think about the relaxed awesomeness of austin…

you should check out eastville comedy club – the fam and i did.

fireworks on chelsea pier were grand.

thank you for caring and supporting and loving:)


wooow…we’re halfway there…wooo-ow!

30 Jun


check it..

Just click on the covers on the left, it’ll take you to a digital version, and you can DEF see my name in there. Some of the articles I did do not have my byline, though, due to, for example, being advertiorial.

It’s just a very accomplished feeling, and the whole process was amazing. Even Resident’s publisher was complimenting my editor, the two designers, and I on an awesome job. It has all increased my love for journalism and made my dream of having my own publication seem a bit more attainable.

Hmm…what else…I got two free tickets to the Broadway show Jerusalem (which features the eyeball dude from Pirates of the Caribbean) and four free to a comedy club (thank you nice people I work with)!

Sight-seeing is still going well, though Ground Zero is depressing/just a construction sight. I hope to up my tourism this weekend with three pretty neat people from Woodson, Texas. Oh, and, look for me on The Today Show tomorrow morning!!

Three fave things so far:

-just walking around, taking in the city and its sights, especially the amazing architecture

-getting freakin published

-feeling like a New Yorker and being able to navigate around my future home, while checking out neat shopping and funky restaurants

The things I miss most:

-comfort/familiarity, which are sometimes hard to see amidst smelly smog and busy bustle

-a few certain people – but only a few – a lot, though

-cleanliness, which includes fresh night air enjoyed beneath a star-studded sky

What I will not miss:

-navigation problems – Woodson…Austin…bit easier to get around in ’em

-roommate drama – I cannot share a room…can’t

-not making money – I never thought I’d miss baby-sitting so much

Anyway, halfway done. 15 more days until my weekend in ATX. One more month until I leave NYC for a while. And, one more time, just in case, …address;)

Bri Thomas-110 E. 14th-1701B-New York, NY 10003

three things…

27 Jun

1. My family will be here Friday! To make to time fly, Lyndsey from Ohio and I planned NYC adventures…for every day… until the end of the program…to make time fly! Examples of said fun include the Met, Carlos’ Bakery, and a date night in Central Park. 

2. Friday sucked. The weather was icky. Things blew up at work, causing anger and scariness, as well as everyone leaving early. I was also already upset and sad, because those days happen. A good friend and a good cry helped to remind me, though, that I’m in New York, which seems like a good enough reason to not stay upset. 🙂

3. One of my suite mates (Tia of Ohio) and I created fun for ourselves this weekend, with de-stressing activities, including amping up our workout routine, which we’ve been performing daily, to get hot for our boys. 😉 Laziness set in on Sunday morning, however, causing us to miss the Gay Pride Parade. Despite not partaking in the glittery fun…yay NYC!

That’s all I can think of for now…xoxo




21 Jun

like, everything about it. today for work, i walked around the upper east side, interviewing people for our august issue’s ‘word on the street,’ and it was fab; i ended up in central park, which was/is full of families and mini sailboat races and an old cello player under a bridge and the central park zoo and green lawns and rock formations and awesomeness.

every time i see the ut tower on my campus, i get all giddy, as i’m once again reminded that i do, indeed, go to texas. and here, when i see the empire state building or any part of central park or look out my front door and see the chrysler…wow. lucky, lucky girl!

on the other hand…i have had a few ‘moments’ in the past two weeks. im not really homesick, since i am used to being away from family and woodson. i am not used to thinking about my future, though, and preparing myself to be a grown-up, because, let’s be honest: college is like the pre-adult play world.

and although nyc has definitely been a huge playground for me, i understand that i am here an internship: to increase my knowledge and skills, to network with potential future coworkers, and to strengthen my passion, since i will, hopefully, be legitimately waking up for a 9-5 like this (plus pay!), for the rest of my life.

…and that’s crazy-exciting! and it’s apparently normal to freak like this, as my fave girl here, Lyndsey from Ohio, is going through the same thing; without our talks, our adventures, and our trips to starbucks, i’d cry way more than needed, ha. yay for common (&sane!) people with common interests! ❤

so yeah, as far as neat new things go…

-mom suggested as covering james franco for our back-to-school issue, which i suggested to my editor, who told me to contact his publicist, which i did; i talked directly to these people, who, after reviewing james’ crazy schedule, had to reject me. but still…neat!

-my editor interview buddy the cake boss the other day, and i got to transcribe the interview, just sitting there typing away, listening to his voice…neat!

-at broadway the other night, daniel radcliffe definitely came out on the street after the show…and got attacked by a mob, causing me to only catch a slight sight of his face. but still…

-pretty sure ill be spending sunday in the hamptons on the beach…mhm!

-there are some really neat people here (and some really not neat ones), so hanging out and all that has been enjoyable…so that’s good!

love,peace,and give my wittle brudder a hug for me if you see him,



16 Jun

Tuesday: Resident got another intern (love her!), and though she’ll only be working twice a week, they moved us into our own office. I now sit behind a big exec desk, while her door boasts a pink sign saying “No Boys Allowed.”

Tonight: Broadway!!! I’m seeing “How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying,” starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter). Mostly, though, my suite mates and I are just really excited about getting all dolled up.

Saturday: Starting the day off right with breakfast at Tiffany’s…meaning a friend and I will be enjoying Starbucks while outside of Tiffany & Co (cute, eh?). The fun continues, as later that day, there’s a mermaid parade at Coney Island.

Sunday: I’ll be enjoying Central Park, and I will find that Alice in Wonderland statue.

Monday: My best friend, Amanda Jean Butler, turns 20!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, the 28th: David Cook of American Idol will be across the street, at Best Buy, for singing and signing and such!

July 15th: While my family will be flying up here to enjoy D.C., I’ll head back to Austin for the weekend, mainly because of my lovely friend Brittany Hicks marrying my other amazing friend Collin Huber. There are going to be other perks to the trip, though.;)

Anyway, I’ll keep loving life here, you keep remembering me and my blog and my address, ha, and I’ll see you sooner than later, dolls!


14 Jun

some random thoughts for the evening…

…i’m pleasantly surprised at how many people actually read this thing, ha, and you’d please me greatly if you continued for forty something more days to make me feel loved and missed:)

…a foot massage would be nice:/

…as would having a tv, as missing the real housewives is killing me:(

…quite pleased i have such a laid-back work environment that is not only teaching me but entertaining me:)

…despite my big apple fun, ready for july 15th-boyfriend!atx!huber wedding!;)

…looking for a weekend job…to last only six weeks…we’ll see, ha;p

…broadway with daniel radcliffe thursday:)

…getting into ten museums free tomorrow, plus hopefully catching glimpses of michael kors, james franco, keSha, and liza:)

…and finally…euro accents are amazing:)

Wonderful Weekend

13 Jun

My first weekend, in short:

-had Friday off, so took the sub down to China Town, making my way up Broadway, though SoHo, for some legit shopping.

-double-decker bus tour of the city on Saturday, then lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

-my roommates and I hit up a BBQ block party on Sunday afternoon (Salt Lick, from Austin, was there!) and then explored Times Square. Highlights-seeing the home of InStyle magazine, a Harry Potter exhibit, and letting my inner-child run free at the biggest Toys R Us, complete with a carousel.

-concluded the weekend by flooding our toilet, having maintenance come up, only to swish around toilet water and hairs and nastiness, and purchasing cleaning supplies so we could gross ourselves out while trying to clean the place up. GAG.

Some thoughts I’ll share:

-this 60 degree, rainy weather has me missing Texas’ 100+ awesomeness!

-I can definitely say that I’m definitely looking forward to work this week!

-And, side note, buy clothes that fit. People-watching in NYC has only confirmed that people don’t realize how bad their outfits can make them look. I’m not being judgmental or rude, I’m just saying that adjusting (plus adding some de-frizz serum and eyeliner) could really change a person’s life…




PS–Bri Thomas    110 E. 14th Street  #1701        New York, NY 10003 🙂

im not stressin, but…

11 Jun

This internship, this amazing summer in The Big Apple, definitely 
has me thinking about my future. I’m an OCD planner, so I’d 
always planned on going to Harvard, becoming the fashion 
editor at Elle magazine,getting married, and having my seven kids. 
Now, though, ha, I’m a Longhorn who knows that, despite her 
trendiness, she is not fashion-world material. Kids cause her to pull 
her hair out, and the thought of marriage frightens her. 

I graduate in the fall of 2012, though. Like, not this next season 
but just one year from that! 

Just one year…one year ago, I was an ENTIRELY different person, so 
I know that by 2012 I could be a biology major or moving to Africa
or dead, due to the supposed rapture. Yes, extreme examples, but 
my point is that I have learned to stop planning, and that choice 
has relieved me beyond belief. Sure, I still make to-do lists for 
groceries and homework, but I take life as it comes. I don’t rush 
or fall into busyness; I just let chances come and then GO. 

This has transformed me into a more patient, relaxed, and happy 
person, but at times like this, control issues still butt their 
ugly heads. “If I could just know what I’ll be doing/who I’ll 
be with/where I’ll be in nine months…,” I think way too often. 


Less than a week here has already confirmed my love for editorial
and for the city. On the other hand, two years in Austin has 
showed me how amazing that town and those people are. 

Even FURTHER, an entire life in a town of 300 was absolutely 

Chapters. That’s what it boils down to. When the time came to 
leave for UT, it just…happened. When this New York internship 
came along, it just…was.

And when I ring in 2013, whether in Times Square or at the Woodson 
Lake or on my boyfriend’s couch, I will be about to embark on yet 
another great adventure…and that’s just too, too kewl…:)